Students Grow Vegetables Through Agriculture Grant

Students Grow Vegetables Through Agriculture Grant
Posted on 03/13/2018

This February, Argyle CSD received an agriculture grant from Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner, donating ‘24:45 Super Grow Harvest Racks’ to agriculture classes that let students grow vegetables and herbs from seeds in 18 days. Once grown, the vegetables are given to the school cafeteria for students and staff to enjoy. Argyle is one of the 3 local schools with this super grow system and this program is an initiative to bring back agriculture programs to schools and teach future generations of American sustainable agriculture.

In class, students learned the science of different soils and how soils work to give our plants nutritional values. They also learned the history of agriculture and changes due to pesticides, climate change and how we must adapt.

This initiative has given an opportunity to students that our classes would not have had otherwise and we are incredibly grateful to be able to teach our students such invaluable lessons. Our agriculture students learned how to garden and grow their own food, be proactive in sustainable agriculture, and learned first hand how consuming fresh nutrient-dense foods improves health.

A special thank you to Kimberly Michael, our Argyle Agriculture teacher for guiding our students through this project! 1 2 3 5 6 7 8