Principal's Message

Sue Passaro

February/March 2020 Message

As a new semester begins, it’s a good time to review student progress, and set goals for the remainder of the school year. Some of our high school students took New York State Regents Examinations during the week of January 21
-24. Our juniors took the English 11 Regents. The results are analyzed and used to plan targeted instruction for the remainder of the year. Our junior high students will take the New York State Assessments in ELA (English Language Arts) and Math. Students will take these exams on their school-issued Chromebooks in March and April. They will have the opportunity to practice sample tests prior to the actual exams. These tests help us determine the progress our students are making on meeting designated benchmarks.

Another way we review student progress is by frequently checking eSchool, the system our teachers use to record grades. Parents are encouraged to sign up for access to the Parent Portal, which will allow you to check your child’s grades from home. Students have the ability to check grades from their Chromebooks as well.

We are constantly reinforcing the habits that students can develop and maintain that lead to school success: be on time, be prepared, and participate in class. Our teachers are available on Monday, Tues- day, and Wednesday during 9th periods (2:34- 3:14). We also have transportation home at 3:15 on those days. Ninth periods can be used to get extra help, review for tests, or complete homework. If a student is having a difficult time, one of the first steps should be to take advantage of ninth period.

Thank you for your support at home. I’m looking forward to a positive second semester! 


Susan Passaro, Argyle JR/SR High School Principal