Faculty & Staff attend conference

Faculty & Staff attend conference
Posted on 10/25/2017

Although classes were not in session for students on Friday, October 20, faculty and staff at Argyle Central School District were hard at work, using the day for professional development, better known as a Superintendent’s Conference Day.


The day kicked off with all teachers attending a Google site training session led by teachers Meghan Califano, Greg Garrison, and Matt Miner. The goal of the session was for all teachers to create a Google teacher’s website. The teacher websites will be hosted on the District’s new soon-to-launched website. During this time, the teacher aides attended a “Positive Interventions Strategies for Working with Students,” presented by Lisa Huchro, Ocupational Therapist and Penny Rist, Speech Therapist.


Later in the morning, all faculty and staff attended a workshop, “Data-Driven Goals,” presented by teachers Leslie Balcom and Peggy Seese. The goal of the workshop was to analyze data to identify strengths, areas in need of improvement, and two areas of focus.


In the afternoon, staff members were given the choice of either continue working on the data-driven goals or attend other workshops, which included a demonstration of a Breakout EDU kit, which allows for the facilitation of collaborative activities in which participants use problem-solving, troubleshooting, teamwork, and critical thinking to solve a series of challenging puzzles to open a locked box. Area health educator, Jenn Gerber, presented another workshop, “Mindfulness and Stress Reduction.”


School Superintendent Michael Healey said, “Professional development days are an excellent opportunity for faculty and staff to collaborate, exchange ideas and expand their skill set.”