Gage Fleming named spelling bee champion

Gage Fleming named spelling bee champion
Posted on 01/08/2018

Gage Fleming is the Argyle Central School District’s 2018 spelling bee champion. The school competition was held Monday, January 8, 2018.

The 17 competitors were students from grades four through eight. They were selected to represent their classrooms from performance and results of spelling tests and other activities. All five grades competed against each other for the title of school spelling bee champion. 

The competitors were:

Grade 4: Logan Benson, Evan Burke, Lilly Day, Wyatt Tranka


Grade 5: Luke Burch, Ashton Gillis, Cole Koopmann, Connor Quist


Grade 6: Kira Booska, Ashlynne Branan, Gage Fleming, Jonathan Pratt


Grade 7: Cody Mallon, Cassandra Suba


Grade 8: Emily Fleming, Lyndsey Milne, Kaydon Warner


The competition began with Mrs. Wood welcoming the guests and introducing the competitors. She then turned the program over to Mrs. Noelle Nilsen, who explained the rules that upon completion of each round, competitors incorrectly spelling their word would be excused from the stage. After seven rounds of challenging words, only three contestants Kira Booska, Gage Fleming, and Jonathan Pratt remained. The three students battled five tough rounds, with Kira Booska being eliminated in round twelve. This left six graders Gage Fleming and Jonathan Pratt to vie for the championship with Gage Fleming winning in round 14, with the correct spelling of stasis.  


With his win, Gage is eligible to compete at Capital Region Spelling Bee held at Proctor’s Theater in Schenectady on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.



Mrs. Noelle Nilsen/Academic Intervention/Early Intervention



Ms. Amy Crooks

Mrs. Maria Lathrop

Mrs. Cheryl Simpson

Mrs. Kim Walker



Mrs. Noelle Nilsen/Academic Intervention/Early Intervention