Superintendent of Schools 

Posted 4/12/16:

Timeline for Implementation to 1:1 Learning

Spring 2015

Pilot Proposals

Summer 2015

Summer Training of Administrators-Educational Technology

Summer 2015

Technology Plan submitted and approved

September 2015                  

Superintendent’s Conference Day on Digital Learning with Eric Sheninger                              

Fall 2015                            

Overview of Google Apps for Education - David Ashdown

February 2016                    

Google Classroom Training

February 2016                    

Transition to Google Mail

Spring 2016                        

Infrastructure Upgrades

Spring 2016                        

Google Classroom Training

Spring 2016                        

Google Productivity Training (Office Staff)

Spring 2016                        

Tech Committee Visit to Glens Falls City School District to view 1:1                              

Summer 2016                    

 2 Day Google App and Chromebook Camp for grades 7-12 teachers

 1 Day Google Work Session for grades K-6 teachers                                                                                    

Summer 2016                    

Student Training- TBA

Students in grades 9-12 issued Chromebooks-TBA

Summer 2016                    

Increase of Technical Support

Fall 2016                            

Students in grades 7-8 issued Chromebooks-TBA


Training throughout the year



Welcome back to school! We are excited about the 2015-2016 school year. As you will see from this newsletter, we have many updates to share.

New Faculty and Staff

After several retirements at the end of last school year, we have many new faces at Argyle Central School.

¨ Alison Archambault, English Teacher

¨ Robert Ellis, Head Building Maintenance Worker

¨ Lori McKernon, Food Service Worker

¨ Shannon Riley, Bus Driver

¨ Mariah Roberson, Literacy Teacher

¨ Christopher Shinski, Social Studies Teacher

Energy Performance Contract: The Board of Education entered into a contract with Danforth to complete a $1.3 million project of upgrades to the energy systems. Voters approved the project in May 2015 and the project will be submitted to NYSED this fall. We are hopeful the work may begin during the summer of 2016. The project will generate 93% of the cost in state aid reimbursement the following year. The savings in energy expenditures and the state aid reimbursement are expected to cover the costs of the project. Under this contract, we will replace the unit ventilators in the 4-6 wing, complete interior and exterior lighting upgrades, complete building envelope improvements, install heating upgrades in the gym, provide ventilation in specified areas of the building, install several controls to conserve energy, replace the bus garage furnace, and install energy efficient overhead doors in the bus garage.

New Bus Routes: Due to declining enrollment over the last several years, a bus route has been eliminated. All of the routes have been revised and the pick-up times are different. A letter was mailed home with the new bus routes and the approximate pick-up times. During the first two weeks of school, we expect the bus rides to take longer as we adjust to the new routes. We apologize for the inconvenience of the change and thank you for your patience as we make the transition.

Capital Project Update: During the 2014-15 school year, the Board of Education reviewed reports of the infrastructure of the building and identified areas for replacement, repair, or renovation. In August, the Board of Education reviewed a financial scenario to undergo a capital project.

Here is a summary of the items that are being considered for a capital project.

¨ Repair and replacement of the 1939 entrance and pillars

¨ Renovation of the 1969 locker rooms

¨ Building Code requirements

¨ Tennis courts will be restored

¨ 1939 gym will be renovated and the stage removed. The space will include a gymnasium and an exercise room. One consideration of this renovation is to make this space more accessible to the ACS public when it is not utilized for school functions

¨ Exterior door replacement and security features

¨ Bus circle and parking lot repair and replacement

In September, the Board of Education will consider a capital project resolution to present to the ACS voters. Informational meetings and materials will be presented in October and a vote will be scheduled for November.

Academic Focus: During the 2015-16 school year there will be a school-wide focus on math and writing. We hope to break down the barriers and assist our students to perform at or above the state average on NYS 3-8 assessments and the Regents exams. We will be offering additional resources in this area to help students increase their achievement and to help more students reach proficiency and mastery levels.


Technology Initiative: Over the next few years, the District will be transitioning to a 1:1 digital environment. In order to prepare for the transition, we will start the year with a dynamic professional development day with a leader in digital education. Also during this academic year, there will be several technology pilot programs going on throughout the building. In each of the pilot programs, students will be able to utilize the latest technology. Here are some examples of the projects:


¨ A junior high class will be utilizing an iPad to monitor the movement of the earth by reviewing live earthquake data.


¨ A physical education class will be utilizing a monitoring device to measure movement and heart rate.


¨ Students in a tech class will be assigned a laptop to complete coursework in solid works and will utilize a makerspace for rapid prototyping.


¨ Another class will utilize technology to assist students in their academic preparation.


¨ Students taking college calculus will be assigned an iPad for the course.


¨ Fourth graders will be utilizing iPads for a writing unit.


Based on the results of the pilots involving 1:1 initiatives, the Technology Committee will select a device and launch a 1:1 digital initiative in four grades next year. Additional grades will be added the following year.


Communication: The District will be utilizing the ACS website which will be updated on a weekly basis. Twitter will be launched this fall to make school information more readily accessible.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone in September.