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Dear Students, Parents, and Community Members,

On behalf of the Argyle Central School District staff, I wish you and your family a very happy holiday season!

As we end November and enter the winter holiday season, it is great to see the number of Argyle students and staff involved in giving back to our community.  Whether participating in food drives, collecting supplies for a school in need in La Colellana, Guatemala, or sharing the sounds of the holidays at our annual winter concerts, it is encouraging to see so many of our students involved in giving back.

I have also noticed that the Argyle season of giving is not limited to the holidays, but extends year-round.  As a school district, we are blessed to educate students in a community that promotes helping those in need—not because of the season, but just because it is the right thing to do.


On an academic note, Argyle CSD continues to work towards helping each of our students improve every day.  Our goal is to collaborate with your family to ensure your son or daughter is working towards his or her very best.  Please contact our teachers, counselors, or principals with your questions, concerns, or ideas—we are always here to help!



Michael Healey                                                       

Superintendent of Schools

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