Principal's Message

Happy November! Dawn Wood

Over the summer, our teachers and support staff have been exploring ways to provide our students with additional learning opportunities in the areas of reading and writing.

Our goal was to create small groups within our grade levels and give students the instruction they need.

The W.I.N. groups are led by teachers and other support staff that enter the classroom for a designated 30-minute block of time five days a week. The W.I.N. groups are fluid and are formed based on current data collected by teachers. Having a designated time for extra help allows our students to receive the full core instruction as well as intervention and enrichment. Teachers and staff meet on a weekly basis to discuss how students are progressing and change groupings as necessary.

We are excited to have W.I.N. time each day. Providing each student with the experiences they need to learn and grow is vital to our goals at the primary level.

If you have any questions, please contact me and I’d be happy to speak with you
about W.I.N. time here at ACS.


Dawn Wood, Argyle Elementary School Principal