Displaying the Facts: A Dive Into Local History

Displaying the Facts: A Dive Into Local History
Posted on 05/29/2018
High School history students chose topics related to local history and displayed their findings on bulletin boards in the front lobby. Students collected information through researching and interviewing local community members to find the facts. 

Topics ranged from Agriculture in Washington County, to the Saratoga Battlefield, to Influential Women in the Area. As a part of their projects, the class presented their findings to each other in a formal presentation. 

Through this projects, students practiced interviewing skills, data collection, and discovered fun and interesting ways to display their findings. 

Projects were on display in the hallways for the entire Argyle Central School to see and learn from! 

History of Washington County
Arts in the Community project presentation
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influential women project
local history women
health in washington county
Town of Argyle Presentation
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saratoga battle field