Grade 4 Visits RockSport

Grade 4 Visits RockSport
Posted on 11/16/2021
On Monday, November 8th, Ms. Morehouse took her grade 4 physical education students on a field trip to Rocksport for a fun-filled day of adventure! Rocksport is an indoor climbing facility located in Queensbury. Mr. Depew, Mrs. Flower, and Mrs. Seese joined their class for support and to test their own climbing spirits!
Upon arrival, we were greeted by dedicated staff to help facilitate belaying and teach climbing basics. Maintaining safety was of top priority. A belayer protects the climber on the wall. Some of the belaying was human and some were done by an automatic belaying system.
Once we all learned the basics, the fun began! As the day went on we saw some amazing climbing. Many students made it all the way to the top to hit the "easy buttons!" Bouldering was also an option, for those who wanted to climb, but maybe not to the top. These climbers could go up, down, right, and left. No belaying needed to boulder.
This field trip was mentally, as well as physically challenging, exciting, and a lot of fun! Without a doubt, this physical education field trip was a rocking success!!!