Welcome, Meaghan Wilkins!

Welcome, Meaghan Wilkins!
Posted on 09/11/2018

As you may know, after years of service in our cafeteria, Elly Fullerton retired this past spring. She was a wonderful member of the Argyle CSD family and she is greatly missed. However, as we move forward, we are delighted to announce the addition of Meaghan Wilkins, our new Food Service Director.

Meaghan was born and raised in Argyle, NY, where both she and her parents attended Argyle CSD. For the past few years, she was living in New Jersey with her family and has recently moved back to her hometown. She is excited to be a part of the Argyle community again and is ready to bring some fresh ideas to the menu.

Meaghan plans to work on a farm to school initiative, partnering with local food vendors to provide natural flavor ideas. She is also eager to try “taste testing” on new menu items, giving students and staff an opportunity to sample and give opinions on menu selections.

Not only is Meaghan excited to join the staff at Argyle, she is thrilled to be working in a school that her children attend in both first and fifth grade!