Meet our "Battle of the Books" Teams!

Meet our "Battle of the Books" Teams!
Posted on 03/19/2021
Good luck to our Battle of the Books competitors!
On March 19 and March 25, more than 190 students on 24 teams from 9 local school districts will compete in the 2021 “Battle of the Books”- Including our very own ACS students! The WSWHE BOCES School Library System coordinates this competition that will be held virtually this year.
Students in grades 3-6 prepared for the Battle of the Books for many months by reading five fiction and five non-fiction books. The teams, which consist of 5 or fewer students each on the day of the competitions, test themselves on every kind of detail imaginable, from the plot to the dedication. During the competition, teams will have 45 seconds to a minute, depending on the round, to answer a question by selecting the correct title.