Tartan Magazine Fall 2018

Tartan Magazine Fall 2018
Posted on 12/11/2018
School newspapers are a great way for students to learn journalism, photography, graphic design and collaboration as well as gain experience with publishing. Here at ACS, we are lucky to offer this experience to students. 

Many years ago The Tartan newspaper was previously named The Caledonian which was created in-house, so it was printed, copied and stapled by students and advisors. This was a weekly paper that was distributed throughout the school. As time went on, Mrs. Vanyo and her journalism class, as well as Mr. Fleury and his graphics class, took over. With help from Mrs. Little (school librarian at the time), the journal was named The Tartan Times and was a 6-page booklet.

Later, The Tartan Times became an 8 page, full-size newspaper which was funded by donations from local business in exchange for advertisements. It was then sent out to a printer and distributed in the school as well as the community. You would often see Mr. Fleury frantically chasing journalists and photographers around to get articles in order to meet important deadlines. He and his co-advisor, Mrs. Winter worked hard with graphic artists and journalists to deliver a newspaper full of what was happening throughout the school.

A big thank you goes out to those teachers and students that put in the time and effort to keep the school newspaper alive in our school over the years. As new students and advisors continue to take the reins of The Tartan, a little more change has occurred. We replaced The Tartan newspaper with The Tartan magazine and will post issues on-line as well. With Mr. Fleury’s retirement last year, we would like to dedicate this first issue of The Tartan magazine to him with gratitude and thanks for all of his hard work and dedication to The Tartan through the years. A big “thank you,” to you, Mr. Fleury!