AASBA Award Presented

AASBA Award Presented
Posted on 05/19/2023

Congratulations to Clayton who was selected by the Adirondack Area School Board to receive their Community Service Award!! Each student selected for this award receives a $350.00 scholarship in recognition of their community service.


Firefighter Interior Certification

Firefighter Exterior Certification

Scholar Athlete Award

Varsity Baseball Coaches Award

Alfred University “Outside of the Ordinary” Scholarship

Class of 2023 Secretary

Member of:

Yearbook Committee

National Honor Society

Varsity Soccer team

Varsity Baseball team

Varsity Basketball team

Volunteer/Community Service:

Volunteer Firefighter JA Barkley Hose Co. #1
Responds to emergency calls
Attends drills
Fundraising volunteer

AASBA photo