Mr. Garrison Uses 3D Printer For The Better Good!

Mr. Garrison Uses 3D Printer For The Better Good!
Posted on 04/14/2020
Technology teacher Gregory Garrison is using his at-home 3D printer to manufacture face shields, with the intent to donate to those in need; community members, Argyle Fire Department, EMS, and more. 

Garrison creates the masks using PLA filament for the printer, an 8 x 11.5in transparency film for the shield, and an elastic band to hold the shield in place. The production time of each mask is approximately two hours (1.5 hours of printing and 30 minutes of cleaning and assembly.) The masks are intended to be one size fits all. 

"My inspiration to create these masks was simple; I'm a community member that has the tools to help and I'd like to use them,” said Garrison. “As a technology teacher, I love creating and working through the design process, it's exciting for myself and my students to see ideas become reality. Having the 3D printer as a resource, I realized that I could take something that I really enjoy doing and use it for the better good." 

To start, Garrison will have at least 14 masks to donate. Moving forward, he plans to disinfect and deliver the masks as needed. 

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