2019-2020 “Coach's Award" Recipients

2019-2020 “Coach's Award" Recipients
Posted on 07/01/2020


Athletic awards are given in recognition of outstanding athletic achievement and service to the school. Recipients will receive a trophy honoring their selection. The coaches have chosen the following athletes and are making their presentations below.

SOCCER (Coach Frank Endieveri)

This year’s Coaches Award for Varsity Soccer was earned by Gabriel Wood. Gabe earned this award by being a leader and an inspiration to his teammates both on and off the field. Gabe led and inspired his teammates by projecting a positive attitude in all he did on and off the pitch. Whether during practice, in a game, or in the classroom Gabe had the ability to lift the spirit of his team and inspire them to do better throughout the season.  I would like to thank Gabe for all he has done for Argyle Soccer through the years and wish him well in all his future quests.

CROSS COUNTRY (Coach Chris Shinski)

Unless you have done it - cross country might be one of the more misunderstood sports there is. We always hear "our sport is your sports punishment" or "it's only running" but the truth exists somewhere in between. And let me be clear; cross country is a hard sport. It is obviously physically tough to log the miles it takes to improve and maintain pace with the competition but even more so, it is mentally tough. Finding the balance between pushing your body to its limits and giving it rest to perform at peak during the season is challenging and the back and forth of it all can really wear an athlete down. Throughout the season every day gets harder and harder and it takes a special type of person to commit to a program to aspire to their goals.

So, this year, the two recipients of the cross country team's coach's awards are Lucas Kingsley and Isabelle Gulick. These two athletes did a great job of having the right attitude day in and day out at practice and overcame the most difficult challenge and athlete can face - themselves. Whether it be doubt, injury, anxiety, or disappointment, Lucas and Isabelle always showed up, found ways to start to turn those negatives into positives, and along the way, both of them made the team more successful by showing younger runners that there will be some lows before you climb towards the top.

I am proud of both athletes and look forward to seeing them both continue as student athletes.

VOLLEYBALL (Coach Peggy Seese)

This young lady has been with the volleyball team since she was 8 years old. She started out as a ball girl, then joined the varsity team as a freshman as the starting setter.  Usually freshmen are not such an integral part of a team so early.  As the setter she literally was the general of the team.  She set the tempo and distributed the ball like a veteran. Throughout her freshman and sophomore years she was a vital part of her teams’ run in the State tournament.  Her junior year and senior year she and her teammates worked extremely hard to mirror that success.  She took on the captain role and not only worked on her game but worked with her teammates to improve theirs as well.  She took the lead in fundraising, team activities and keeping the team focused.  Though she was not the most vocal team member, her desire, and dedication to the game and this team were extraordinarily strong.  That is why Jessie Wilson is the 2019 Coach’s award winner.

CHEERLEADING (Coach Leslie Prevost)

It is always a difficult decision to decide on who should receive the coaches award for cheerleading as each member plays a huge part in our success. This season Jessie Steidle demonstrated a greater confidence in herself and a willingness to keep trying. Jessie was not afraid to make suggestions about formations for cheers or positioning for stunting which benefitted her team both at practice and on the court. Jessie showed great determination in perfecting her jumps, especially her toe touch, and pushed her stunting skills to a new level. Jessie is not afraid to try and that is so important in life. Jessie shows high standards both academically and personally, she is a good person on the court and off, and That is why Jessie Steidle is my choice for this year’s coaches award. 

GIRLS BASKETBALL (Coach Terry Chamberlain)

Erica Liddle- Senior

4-year varsity player

Starting Point Guard for majority of years on varsity.  Dedicated ball player. Did a great job of handling the basketball and dealing with pressure. Erica distributed the ball very well for us. She had a great vision of the court and knowledge of the game. Erica also was more than capable of knocking down 3 pointers and was our top free throw shooter. Erica was reliable, responsible and a team player. Defensively she solid and flexible. She could get matched up with an opponent’s guard or defend a taller player with her physicality and smartness. She is an excellent student of the game of basketball but also in the classroom. Academically she was a solid student. We are certainly going to miss Erica and I wish her the best in her future endeavors. Congratulations and thank you for your many years of commitment to our Argyle Lady Scots basketball program.

BOYS BASKETBALL (Coach Matt Stevens)

The 2019-2020 Coach's Award for Boys Basketball is being awarded to Peyton Lufkin.  Peyton is a great leader on the court and really pushes everyone around him to be a better basketball player.  Peyton was consistently one of the first players in the gym, and one of the last players to leave.  Peyton attended many league games to help scout and prepare our team in ways that not many other players would.  He spent lots of hours watching tape on not only our own games, but opponents as well.  For the last few years Peyton has been one of the best and most skilled basketball players in the league, but his most impressive feat this year was growing as a person and a leader on and off the court.  Peyton represents the hard work that has made Argyle basketball such a great thing to be a part of and he will be greatly missed next season.