Annual Spelling Bee

Annual Spelling Bee
Posted on 01/15/2020
Yesterday we hosted our annual grades 4-8 Spelling Bee! Students battled it out for over 11 rounds, spelling out challenging words like nefarious and squabble. Adam Potter was named the winner as he successfully spelled "smuggler"! Congratulations to Adam, Trenton LaPoint, and Brayden Tyner for coming in first, second, and third place!

Congratulations to all students entered into this year's spelling bee: 

Grade 4
Liam Briggs
Ava Cormie
Grace Depew
Eli Mihuta

Grade 5
Adam McDougall
Grayson McEvoy
Adam Potter
Zoe Smith

Grade 6
Alexis Anderson
Ethan Gonzales
Trenton Lapoint
Wyatt Tranka

Grade 7
Ashton Gillis
Cole Koopmann
Brayden Tyner

Grade 8
Cage Fleming
Bradley Koopmann
Jonathan Pratt