Students Winners at Local Art Competition

Students Winners at Art Fest Competition
Posted on 05/21/2019
Grassland Bird Trust announces winners for Art Competition at 2019 Winter Raptor Fest

Local school districts in Washington and Warren Counties were invited to participate in an art contest sponsored by the Grassland Bird Trust.

The idea behind the program was to encourage primary school children to learn about endangered migratory birds and the importance of preserving and maintaining their habitat. 3rd and 4th graders were provided with a list of endangered wildland birds and asked to create a sketch or draw the birds in their habitat with help from their art teachers.

All completed artwork was juried by professional artists Elizabeth Nicoles and Elizabeth Cockey. Over 65 entries, including artwork from our Argyle students, were on display at the 2019 Winter Raptor Fest at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Greenwich on May 18 & 19.

“It was difficult to select winners from over 70 entries, Elizabeth Nicoles said. We were pleased to have such a positive response but it was not an easy task because there were so many great images of wild native birds: Northern Harriers, Short Eared Owls, and Bobolinks to name a few.”

As a result of the art competition the Grassland Bird Trust is pleased to announce the winners:
1st: Olivia McDougall, Snowy Owl, grade 4, Argyle
2nd: Kenadee Grace Culver, Short-eared Owl, grade 3, Greenwich
3rd: Nolan Siskaviach, Northern Harrier, grade 3, Argyle
4th: Lacy Kingsley, Vesper Sparrow, grade 4, Argyle
5th: Rylan Janczack, Upland Sandpiper, grade 4, Argyle
6th: Zoe Smith, Bobolink, grade 4, Argyle

Congratulations to all students involved! 

Zoe Smith
"Bobolink" Zoe Smith, Grade 4

Rylan Janczak
"Upland Sandpiper" Rylan Janczack, Grade 4

Olivia Mcdougall
"Snowy Owl" Olivia McDougall, Grade 4

Nolan Siskavi
 "Northern Harrier" Nolan Siskaviach, Grade 3

Lacey Kinksley
"Vesper Sparrow" Lacy Kingsley, Grade 4