The subjects taught at the elementary level include: language arts (reading, writing, English, spelling, grammar, penmanship), math, social studies, health, personal safety, science, physical education, music, art, technology, character education and media/library.

Music Program-

All students in k-6 participate in our music program weekly. In addition students may participate in:

Instrumental music lessons- Student may begin in grade 4.

9th period Chorus- This is an extracurricular choral program for student in

grades 4-6.

Beginning Band- Argyle Central School has an elementary band for students in grade 5 and 6.

Character Education- The Argyle Central School incorporates character education into our weekly announcements. Students may be recognized for demonstrating positive character. Also there are five assemblies throughout the year focusing on character education. The assemblies are student run and each grade has a role in one of the assemblies.

Academic Awards- Students in grades 3-6 are recognized following each academic quarter.

Academic Excellence- Awarded to students who achieve an academic average of 90 and above.

Bringing Up Grades- Awarded to students who have shown an improvement in academic performance.

110% Award- Awarded to students who demonstrate hard work

and determination on a daily basis.

Book Clubs- Voluntary Book clubs will be held in the elementary school. These clubs are held after school or during lunch periods.

Spelling Bee- Argyle Central School holds an annual Spelling Bee for students in grades 4-8. Participants are selected from their classes based on class bees or spelling assessments. The winner of the Argyle Spelling Bee will compete in the Scripps Capital Regional Spelling Bee.

Geography Bee- Argyle Central School will hold an annual National Geographic Bee for students in grades 4-8. The winner of the local competition will compete regionally.

Odyssey of the Mind- Odyssey of the Mind is an international program that promotes creativity and problem solving. Students in grade 1-6 are invited to participate on teams. Students will participate in a regional competition and first place winners will continue on to the state competition.

Science Expo- Elementary students will participate in the Argyle Science Expo held in the spring.