Phase in Graduation Standard of 65 on Required Regents Examinations

The Board of Education supports the higher academic achievement standards established in accordance with Commissioner’s Regulations that sets 65 as the passing grade on all five Regents examinations required for high school graduation (i.e., the Regents comprehensive examination in English, a Regents examination in mathematics, the Regents examination in United States history and government, a Regents examination in science, and the Regents examination in global studies). However, the Board recognizes that additional time may be necessary for students to transition to these higher standards. Therefore, it is the policy of this District that the following phase in schedule of the 65 graduation standard on required Regents exams is established.

Regents Diplomas

Students who score 65 or above on all five required Regents examinations receive a Regents-endorsed diploma. Students who score 65 or above on eight Regents examinations will receive an Advanced Regents diploma.