Student Class Average and Rank

Beginning with the Class of 2010, final class ranks are determined after completion of the 7th semester. A student must be enrolled as an Argyle Central School student for at least eight consecutive quarters prior to final ranking to be eligible for Valedictorian and Salutatorian designation. Students completing less than eight quarters will be placed at the appropriate class rank for purposes of college application and their permanent record.

Students who attended Adirondack Community College during their senior year will be required to submit 7th semester grades for final ranking. All grades will be included in determining final average and class ranking using conversion table below.

A+ = 100 C = 76 
A = 96  C- = 72 
A- = 92  D+ = 69 
B+ = 89  D = 67 
B = 86  D- = 65 
B- = 82  F = 60 
C+ = 79