Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities will still have the safety net option of taking and passing the Regents Competency Test if they have not been successful on the corresponding Regents exam in order to earn a local diploma. This provision will continue for students with disabilities entering grade 9 prior to September 2011.

For students with disabilities who first enter grade 9 in September 2005 and thereafter, a score by the student of 55-64 may be considered as a passing score on any Regents examination required for graduation; and, in such event, the District may issue a local diploma to such student. This provision shall apply only to students with disabilities who are entitled to attend school pursuant to Education Law Section 3202 or 4402(5).

Students who have taken and passed certain courses in preparation to take a Regents examination and have a 65 course average but whose highest score on the Regents examination is below but within three points of the 65 passing score may appeal to graduate with a local or Regents diploma using this lower score. Through this appeal, the student seeks a waiver of the graduation assessment requirement in this subject area. Approval of this appeal will not change the student’s score on the Regents examination under appeal. The appeal may be initiated by a student or by the student’s parent/guardian or teacher and must be submitted to the student’s school principal. A separate appeal must be made for each examination appealed by the student, and the student cannot seek an appeal for more than two examinations. Students who are granted an appeal on two examinations and who fulfill all other course and testing requirements will receive a local diploma. Students who are granted an appeal on one examination and who fulfill all other course and testing requirements will be determined to have met all graduation requirements and, thereby, earn a Regents diploma. School districts must provide all students an opportunity to access the appeals process if the students meet the eligibility requirements listed below.