Board of Education

The Argyle Central School District Board of Education welcomes you to the District's website.

As elected representatives of the community, the Board of Education establishes the district budget, curriculum, the school calendar, and other legal matters relating to the function of the school district.

Q & A

Q: What is the Argyle Central School District Board of Education?
A: The Board of Education is comprised of district residents who are unpaid public officials elected by voters of the Argyle community who assume major responsibility for the governance of the school district. They are citizens who through their Board membership, provide leadership for the welfare of district students.

Q: What decisions are made by the Board?
A: The Board establishes the District budget, curriculums, the school calendar and other legal matters relating to the function of the school. Many issues are handled through committees, and recommendations are made to the Board. Other matters are delegated to the School Superintendent. With the exception of Executive Sessions matters (personnel issues, for example), all Board meetings and committees are open to the public.

Q: If I have an issue to discuss with the Board, what do I do?
A: Each Board meeting follows an agenda which recognizes public statements. The Board President will recognize individuals, and a period of time, (not more than five minutes) is allowed to express a viewpoint. In order to allow further discussion, a person may have his or her issue placed on the agenda. This is accomplished through prior contact with the School Superintendent. In short, if you wish to address the Board, contact the School Superintendent.

Q: When does the Board meet?
AArgyle Board of Education meetings are generally held the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm. in the Argyle CSD Library. The board president presides at each meeting, and the district clerk records official actions of the Board of Education. Also in attendance are the superintendent of schools, business manager, building principals, and director of special education.