Argyle Student Receives the NYS Seal of Biliteracy

Argyle Student Receives the NYS Seal of Biliteracy
Posted on 06/04/2024

The Argyle Central School District proudly announces that Junior Luke Burch has received the NYS Seal of Biliteracy (NYSSB)! He is the first student from Argyle to earn this distinction!

To earn the NYSSB, students must accumulate three points in English and a World Language. These points are earned by meeting specific criteria, such as attaining 85% or better in an English or world language course, achieving a set score on national tests (such as AP, IB, AAPPL, STAMP4S, or other exams), and completing and presenting a Culminating Project in both languages that demonstrates the required level of proficiency in all three modes of communication—interpretive, interpersonal, and presentational.

Luke's Spanish project was entitled "El nacimiento de la col" (The Birth of the Cabbage), which explored Rubén Dario's literary work of the same name. The work tells the story of how the cabbage came to be in the Garden of Eden. The presentation was given before a panel of fluent speakers and other school representatives. It included a discussion of Modernism, symbolism, themes present in the work, and Luke's interpretation of the piece. The panel then conducted a question/answer session in Spanish, where Luke demonstrated his fluency and understanding of the subject matter.

"It was a lot of hard work, but I was prepared and felt confident when I went in front of the panel," said Luke. "I'm glad that I decided to pursue the Seal and am proud to have earned it." 

All NYSSB earners receive an official seal affixed to their diploma and a medallion to wear at graduation. 

"Earning the Seal of Biliteracy is not only an accolade for Luke and his family but a feather in the cap for a very proud Argyle Central School. Students earning the Seal reflect very favorably on institutions of higher learning, giving students an edge over their competition. Biliteracy is also favorable to most employers and greatly enhances future career prospects," said Junior/Senior Spanish Teacher Mrs. Goetz.

"We are proud of Luke's hard work and dedication in earning the Seal of Biliteracy. We hope it will be the first of many earned here at Argyle," said Junior/Senior High School Principal John Galarneau.