New York Cluster Initiative

New York Cluster Initiative
Posted on 12/01/2020

The governor recently released guidance on the New York Cluster Initiative to respond to micro-clusters (outbreaks of new cases with a limited and definable geographic region). 

In this new guidance, counties are assigned a tiered location and each tier has individualized metrics to enter a yellow, orange, or red zone. A yellow zone is a precautionary measure to assist in mitigating wider outbreaks of COVID-19. That being said, each zone will have implications for in-person and remote learning.

To be designated as a yellow zone, the Argyle School District’s geographic region’s seven-day infection rate must be 3.5% or higher for 10 consecutive days.

In the event that our area does become a yellow zone, Department of Health (DOH) guidance will require our district to test 20% of in-person students, along with 20% of teachers and staff over the two-week period in order to remain open for in-person instruction. 

Though we are far from reaching the criteria to be designated as a yellow zone, we are actively preparing for in-school testing should we reach the yellow zone threshold described above. 

As a district, we understand how important it is for students to be in school, and we are currently exploring all possible options - including potentially conducting our own COVID-19 testing program at the school - in order to continue providing in-person instruction, should we be designed a “yellow” zone.  As an FYI, should the district test staff and students at school, no student will be tested without prior consent from parents/guardians.