Update on School Mask Requirements

Update on School Mask Requirements
Posted on 02/27/2022
Earlier today (Sunday), the Governor announced that the Department of Health will adopt the CDC’s new recommendations for masking in school districts in New York State, effective Wednesday March 2, 2022.
The CDC now recommends masking in all indoor settings, including schools, only in areas with a high community transmission rate.  It is no longer the CDC’s recommendation that masks be required in areas with a low or medium community transmission rate. Community rates may be found here.
At this time, and unless otherwise directed, we anticipate being able to relax the masking requirement at school and on our buses, starting on Wednesday.  
That being said, on Monday and Tuesday, the same masking rules that were in effect immediately prior to the February break remain in place until we have the final word from our county health partners.
On March 2, when we anticipate that masking will become optional, some people will choose to continue to wear masks in environments where they are not required. Moving forward, it's very important that we all respect each other’s decisions and continue to focus on providing the best possible learning environment for our students and for our staff members.  
I anticipate further guidance from the State regarding this transition and will update you as soon as this information becomes available.
Thank you again for your patience, understanding, and support as we have navigated through this pandemic. This has been a long journey and I am very proud of how well our students, families, and staff have worked together throughout it all.
Michael Healey