Teacher Recognized for Agriculture in Classroom

Teacher Recognized for Agriculture in Classroom
Posted on 01/07/2020

 Teachers Jennifer Bailey of Argyle Central School and Jessica Sheldon of Granville Central School were recently recognized at the Cornell Cooperative Extension Washington County Annual Meeting held in November.  Each educator has shown exemplary commitment to educating their students about agriculture and food systems by bringing CCE Food & Fiber school enrichment programs to their classrooms. 

Jessica Sheldon is a Grade 4-6 Special Education teacher at Granville Elementary School.  Last year her class participated in two Ag in the Classroom activities “Corn You Believe It?” and “Three Sisters”. They also helped to create a pallet garden on the school grounds.  This year, Jessica welcomed expanding the activities with her class.

Jennifer Bailey, a second grade teacher at Argyle Central School, invites CCE into her classroom each season to learn about how fruits and vegetables grow and why our local growers are instrumental in our food system. Mrs. Bailey then enhances our curriculum with additional learning opportunities on the topics covered. 

The Cornell Cooperative Extension Food & Fiber program brings Ag Education into the classrooms.  These lessons delivered by Extension Educators are designed to provide a hands on learning opportunity for students to connect to their local food and fiber systems.