Assemblywoman Woerner Sees Ag Grant In Action

Assemblywoman Woerner Sees Ag Grant In Action
Posted on 06/05/2018
Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner visited Greenwich High School to see the results of a $500,000 agriculture science grant for Washington-Saratoga County school districts including Argyle, Granville, Greenwich, Hartford, Salem, and Schuylerville Central Schools. The grant was secured by the New York State Technology and Development Program School. Woerner Agriculture Grant

Through the grant, participating school districts (including Argyle CSD) have purchased and shared over 39 pieces of equipment, each designed to enhance the student learning process and prepare for potential careers in the agriculture science industry. The shared resources have given teachers the opportunity to collaborate on curriculum ideas and strengthen their science and agriculture programs on a county-wide level.   woerner

We are pleased to be able to provide these tools,” said Assemblywoman Carrie Woerner. “They will step up Washington County's game and give our students a leg-up.”

Woerner spent the afternoon in Greenwich visiting with students as they explained how they use the new equipment in class and how these items are preparing them for future careers in science and agriculture. Science teacher, Betsy Foote, from Greenwich High School noted, “In all of my years of years teaching, I would never have imagined being able to provide some of the advanced equipment we now have in our classrooms.”


Items purchased through the grant include “Green Super Grow Systems” that can grow fresh produce from seed to harvest in 18 days, year-round. The schools were also able to purchase a VRTEX 360 Virtual Welder, in which students can learn to weld through a full-featured virtual welding, training, testing, and recruitment tool. The VRTEX 360 simulates the welding experience, preparing students in a safe and economical way for advanced level evaluation, eliminating the need to practice on valuable resources before a student is ready.

Other items purchased through the grant include:

• Portable Vet Ultrasound

Syncrowave 210 TIG Welder, Power MIG 256 Welder, Hand Held Plasma Cutter, Enclosed Welding Booth, Spit Fire Cutting Table

• IV Training Leg designed to train students for IV blood draw or injection

• Reverse Osmosis Unit

• Anatomically correct Cow, Horse, Pig, and Chicken models designed to study internal organs and the digestive and reproductive systems

• Full Sized K-9 model for learning practical lab skills and advanced bandaging techniques as well as mouth-to-snout resuscitation

Pro-Digital USB Incubator that allows students set the temperature, humidity,  and turning time of an egg. The USB computer connection stores egg data recordings used to interpret growth trends during the incubation period.

• LaMotte Smart Electronic Water Lab designed for water pollution detection and environmental studies.  

• PIX4D Mapping Software for high accuracy land measurement and surveying

• Phantom 4 Advanced Drone used for data collection for the PIX4D software.

• Single Axle Enclosed Trailer to transport shareable equipment between districts and promote the Ag Cooperative Venture at community events.

• Compost Bins to recharge essential nutrients in the growth medium required for the Super Grow System.

• Breath and Heart Sounds Simulator that simulates both heart and breath sounds and allows the determination of these by plugging in one of seven different menus, each containing 16 different sounds.

Student Suture Training Kit

• Nail Trimmers - Used to trim toenails on small animals, cats, and dogs.

• Dual Head Stethoscope for instructor and student to listen to vital signs simultaneously.

• Scat replicas of various common North American animals.

• Wild, Domestic, and Exotic Animal Tracks and Molds.

• Disarticulated Cat Skeleton used for bone identification and study of the joints.

• Muscled Knee Model designed to study joints

• Roylco Real Broken Bone X-Rays that reveal a detailed look at common breaks to a variety of bones.

Painted Thoroughbred Model to teach anatomical conformation and demonstrate proper saddling and restraining techniques.

• Wolfe DigiVu and Wolfe Advanced Microscopes