Graduation Awards Listing

Graduation Awards Listing
Posted on 06/26/2020


4-J Farmm Award – Caleb Flower
To a senior who demonstrates a competitive spirit and motivation to achieve. 

ACS Dedicated Recycler Award - Jadyn Anderson Given to a senior who has shown dedication to the recycling program at ACS. 

ACS Non-Teaching Association Congeniality – Daniel McKernon and Jada Phillips Most Mechanically Inclined – Caide Flanders 

ACS Senior Art Award – Deanna Stearns Outstanding art project to be retained by the school. 

ACS Teachers' Association Scholarships – Jessie Wilson and Gabriel Wood Given to seniors who can and will benefit by further instruction in the field of education. 

ACS Yearbook Award – Shelby Caprood Outstanding contributions to the Yearbook. 

Adirondack School Counselor Association Scholarship - Sarah Bussing To a deserving student who plans to continue her education. 

American Legion Post 1518 – Nathanial Saunders Third highest average. 

American Red Cross - Sara Wadsworth Facilitator of the Red Cross Blood Drive. 

Argyle Alumni Association Awards Valedictorian – Daniel McKernon Salutatorian –Sara Wadsworth Third Highest – Nathanial Saunders Given to seniors of an Argyle Alumnus – Peyton Lufkin, Madeline McDougall, Gabriel Wood 

Argyle Community Scholarships – Madeline McDougall, Jessie Wilson, Gabriel Wood To college-bound students who will benefit most and show promise of making worthwhile contributions to society. 

Argyle Masonic Scholarship Award – Jada Phillips To a student pursuing post-secondary education based on scholarship, school, or community service and leadership. 

Argyle Retired Teachers' Association Awards – Ethan Gillis and Kayla Hafner Outstanding perseverance in the field of academic endeavor. 

Argyle Senior Citizens Perseverance Awards – Timothy Stevens and Nathalie Wood Ramos To students who have overcome adversity. 

Argyle United Methodist Church Awards – Margaret Austin, Andrew Cormie, Ian Tucker, Haley Warner To deserving students. 

Betsy Bristol Memorial Scholarship – Jada Phillips Given to a senior who has exhibited outstanding community service and volunteerism. 

Booster Club Awards – Shelby Caprood and Gabriel Wood To a senior boy and girl who have shown effort, attitude, and cooperation throughout the sports program. 

C. David Barker Memorial Scholarship - Jessie Wilson To a college-bound senior that has/is exhibiting outstanding community service. 

Carl H. Lufkin Memorial Award – Garrett Humiston Given to an outstanding senior who demonstrates integrity, strong work ethic, and commitment to family and community. 

Christine Taber Memorial Scholarship Award – Erica Liddle To a senior pursuing a career in art. 

D K Machine Shop Awards – Haydon Frost and Nicholas Zuger To seniors who have shown interest in the technical field. 

David L. Fisher Music Award – Sara Wadsworth Given in memory of David L. Fisher, retired WCAMTA music teacher. In recognition of her valuable contributions and commitment to the music program at ACS. 

Douglas Stewart Memorial Award – Erica Liddle To a senior who has demonstrated excellence in leadership in the Agriculture Program at ACS. 

Eleanor Reynolds McClenning Community Service Scholarship – Shelby Caprood To a college-bound senior that has/is exhibiting outstanding community service. 

Elks Lodge #2223 Greenwich Award – Margaret Austin To a student who will benefit from further education. 

Francis Woodward Memorial Award – Caleb Flower Displaying true spirit and dedication to the ACS sports program. 

Girls Athletic Association Awards 

Sportsmanship Award – Kiana Squires 

Most Athletic Girl – Shelby Caprood 

Glens Falls National Bank and Trust – Morgan Stearns To a student pursuing further education in the area of business or related field. 

Hartford Ridge Riders Achievement Award – Garrett Humiston To a student who is actively involved in snowmobiling and community service. 

Helen N. Safford Memorial Award – Sebastien Brown To a senior preparing for a business or other occupational/vocational career. 

Hunt Company’s Family Business Legacy Award – Kiana Squires To a student who plans to pursue employment in a family business. 

Hunt Company’s Technical Advancement Awards – Umar Dar, Nathanial Saunders, Fraser Siwik-Simpson To a student pursuing further education in a technical program. 

Improvement Awards Most improvement during the year in: English – Caide Flanders Science – Ian Tucker Social Studies – Umar Dar Mathematics – Caleb Flower 

James W. Mairs Scholarship – Nathanial Saunders Given in memory of James W. Mairs to the student who can and will benefit by further education. 

John P. Fillmore, Jr. Memorial Award – Nathanial Saunders Pursuing a career in science or technology at either a two- or four-year college. 

Karl Monroe Memorial Award– Dillon Durkee Given to a senior who has shown patience and perseverance that reflects the loyalty and dedication that Karl demonstrated to ACS. 

Ken McWhorter Memorial Scholarship – Daniel Perry To a senior pursuing a vocational field. 

Leland McCollum Scholarship Award – Daniel McKernon Given in memory of Leland McCollum to the senior who can and will benefit from further education in the field of agriculture. 

Linda Mary Jarvis Memorial Scholarship– Gabriel Wood Given in memory of Mrs. Linda Jarvis to a student who demonstrates skills and talents of dedication, professionalism, compassion, thoughtfulness, and leadership. 

Mary S. Koncikowski Memorial Scholarships – Shelby Caprood, Madeline McDougall, Jessie Wilson To deserving students pursuing post-secondary education who will benefit from further education. 

Maurice Kilmer Memorial Awards – Olivia Anderson and Peyton Lufkin To seniors going on in the business/technical field. 

Megan Archer Memorial Award – Ciarra Millington Given to a student who demonstrates a strong sense of creativity, an appreciation for music and the visual arts, and who is a kind and loyal friend. 

Music Appreciation Awards – Sarah Bussing and Deanna Stearns To seniors showing enthusiasm for music. 

Music Department Awards Excellence in Instrumental Music – Caleb Flower Excellence in Vocal Music – Jadyn Anderson 

National Society of the D.A.R. Good Citizens Award – Caleb Flower Senior demonstrating the qualities of dependability, leadership, service, and patriotism. 

New York State Art Teachers' Association Award – Ciarra Millington Excellence in visual arts. 

Norm Madsen Memorial Scholarship – Caleb Flower Given to a senior who demonstrates outstanding achievement in music and is pursuing post secondary education. 

Peter Longdaue Memorial Award – Alivia Gaulin Given to a student who is continuing their education, demonstrates a strong work ethic, and who has a strong commitment to family and community. 

P.T.S.A. Awards Outstanding Contribution to the Visual Arts – Ciarra Millington Scholarship, Effort, and Ability – Kiana Squires Outstanding Citizenship – Caleb Flower and Jessie Wilson School Spirit – Deanna Stearns 

Richard Record Memorial Scholarship - Shelby Caprood To a daughter of a Washington County Local Government member who intends to extend her education beyond high school. 

Robert Humiston Memorial Scholarship - Alivia Gaulin To a student who is continuing her education in a two/four year college that exhibits a love of community, demonstrated by outstanding commitment to school, agriculture or sports, a good friend to all and puts the good of a group or team above self. 

Robert P. McDougall Memorial Scholarships – Madeline McDougall and Daniel McKernon Given to seniors with a background in agriculture, who also demonstrate a strong work ethic, loyalty to family, and a commitment to community. 

Robin Joseph Dashnaw Memorial Scholarship – Erica Liddle Given in memory of Robin Joseph Dashnaw to assist a graduating senior who has demonstrated ability in art and is pursuing post secondary education. 

Ruth Ellis Lormar Memorial Award – Sarah Bussing Given to a senior who was a member of the band in memory of Ruth Ellis Lormar. 

Scholarship Awards Valedictorian – Daniel McKernon Salutatorian – Sara Wadsworth Third Highest Average –Nathanial Saunders High Honor Students –Shelby Caprood, Caleb Flower, Erica Liddle, Jada Phillips, Jessie Wilson, Gabriel Wood 

Sports "Most Valuable Player" Award - “Most Valuable Player” Boys – Gabriel Wood 

Students for Scholarship Award – Sara Wadsworth Given to a graduating senior who has demonstrated a love of music. 

Ted Horning Memorial Award – Ryan Dessaint Outstanding student in Technology. 

The John Detmer & David Lloyd Award – Sara Wadsworth Pursuit of Artistic Excellence. 

Vocational School Achievement Award – Chance Barber Outstanding achievement in a BOCES program. 

Washington County Children’s Committee Scholarship – Sara Wadsworth To a student seeking further education. 

William Cooper Memorial Award – Peyton Lufkin Basketball player who most exemplifies the strong competitive spirit that Bill Cooper displayed.