Character Education

School personnel and student body will utilize a code of conduct including the Six Pillars of Character. They are:

1. Trustworthiness

A. Integrity – Stand up for your beliefs.

B. Loyalty – Stick up for your family, friends, school, country

C. Honesty – Tell the whole truth.

D. Promise-Keeping/Reliability – Honor your commitments.

2. Responsibility

A. Duty – Meet your moral and legal obligations

B. Accountability – Accept responsibility

C. Pursuing Excellence – Do your best

D. Self-Control – Take charge of your own life

3. Respect

A. Golden Rule – “Do unto other as you would have them do unto you.” (Treat other how you would want to be treated)

B. Courtesy – Use good manners, be polite and civil to everyone

C. Tolerance and Acceptance – Listen to others and try to understand their points of view. Be respectful to those different from you. Value individuals for the person they are inside, not for what they wear, where they live, their race gender or socio-economic status.

D. Nonviolence – Solve disagreements, respond to insults and deal with anger peacefully. Refuse to use threats, aggression, a loud voice or physical force to get what you want to express anger.

4. Fairness

A. Fairness – Be unbiased, equitable, unprejudiced and impartial

B. Justice – Give what is properly due or merited

C. Openness – Be open minded and impartial

5. Caring

A. Concerns for Others – Be kind, considerate and compassionate

B. Charity – Help people in need

6. Citizenship

A. Do Your Share – Do your part without expecting rewards or recognition

B. Respect Authority and the Law – Follow the rules and laws and respect those in authority

C. Respect and Protect our Environment – Recycle and Reuse

D. Honor and Respect Our Country and Our Flag – Study and learn about our country; Practice flag etiquette and model it for others