Code of Conduct for Student Leaders

Good Student leaders are resourceful, idea-contributors, and demonstrate positive attitudes about life. Leadership can be defined as a quality or a skill, a feature that is needed in our society. It is important to have reliable leaders in a school setting. This small group of student leaders set a standard for the rest of the students. For this reason, there is a code of conduct for class officers and representatives.

Students are to be removed from student council/class officer position if the following occur during the academic year:

  • ALC
  • More than 2 behavioral referrals
  • Fighting, Drug/alcohol involvement, Harassment of others (if not resulting in ALC)

 In conclusion, it is expected that student leaders should set a good example for other students by behaving in an exemplary manner, treating all students rightly. Any person questioning the behavior of a representative should contact the student council advisor so the issue may be addressed in a timely manner.