Early Admissions to SUNY Adirondack

The following criteria will be utilized to determine eligibility for Early Admission to Adirondack Community College: 1. Conference with Guidance Counselor to discuss the request. 2. Parent letter to Board of Education requesting this determination be made for their child. 3. Submission of all appropriate applications to guidance office by due date. 4. Guidance counselor and principal approval – signature. 5. Interview with admissions director of ACC. 6. Approval of request will be primarily based on recommendation of guidance counselor and principal according to the following academic considerations:

A. 90% cumulative average for full-time study.

B. 85% subject average or an equivalent demonstration of ability for students with a special talent requesting part time study to pursue that talent.

C. Courses taken at college to satisfy home school graduation requirements must be approved by guidance office in conjunction with State Education Department regulations.

1. The principal may reduce or waive a requirement to accommodate for extenuating circumstances.

2. Acknowledgment is made to ACC’s recommendation 85% cumulative average but to further assure success of our students, the higher averages listed above will be utilized in determining eligibility for this program.

3. Cost and transportation for the ACC program is the responsibility of parents/guardians.