Electronic Lunch Ticket ID System

The Argyle Central School District food service department uses an electronic lunch ticket ID System. Each student will be issued a four-digit ID number. This ID number will stay with the student until he/she graduates. It is strongly recommended that all students remember their numbers, as this will make the lunch lines move faster. All student accounts will be protected by a photo ID on our system.

Elementary students will give deposits to our staff and, the money will be deposited into their private school account. All 7-12 students are to bring their deposits to the cafeteria cashier. Deposits must be placed in an envelope accompanied by the student’s name and ID number. (Please do not write this number on the outside of the envelope.) Keep your ID number confidential! If there is more than one student in a family in either school, one student may make deposits to their sibling’s accounts as long as you give us the ID numbers of each student and tell us the amounts to deposit to each account.


A $20.00 check ….….Billy Doe – Grade 4 #1111 $10.00

Judy Doe – Grade 6 #2222 $10.00

Check prepayments are accepted and encouraged; simply place your child(s) ID number(s) on the check. Please make checks payable to: Argyle Central School. Please forward to cafeteria staff (Jackie Liddle or Elly Fullerton).

This money will be deposited into their accounts. At breakfast/lunch they will simply pick up their meal, punch in their ID number on the keypad and the money will be subtracted from their account. The H.S. may make a deposit anytime during the day but we encourage this before homeroom or at breakfast.

The amount of the prepayment deposit is entirely up to you; it can range from one day to a month, even a year.

Question: What will stop the student from purchasing more than the parent allows?

Answer: If this is a problem with your child, simply notify us in writing what their limitations are and it will be programmed into the system.

Money in the student’s account at the end of the school year will be carried over to the next school year.

If your child has a special “food” medical concern, once we are notified this information will also be placed in the system to alert our staff to help monitor their meals.