Junior High Guidelines


*Homework is due the day and time announced. You will be required to make up any work after it is due. This policy will not be for long-term projects. Teachers will have their own policy for long-term projects.

*Students who have not completed homework assignments will be assigned Teacher Detention during 9th period. If a student does not attend Teacher Detention, the student will be required to stay for Administrative Detention. A student who does not stay for Administrative Detention, will be assigned to the Alternative Learning Center (ALC).

*The Junior High Teachers, Guidance Counselor, and Principal will meet regularly throughout the year to review student progress. If a student is having difficulty in Junior High, he/she will meet with the teachers to develop a plan. In addition, parents may be requested to attend the meeting. 


Any eighth grade student wishing to accelerate in one or more academic areas must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. They must have a final average of 92% or above in the seventh grade course(s) in which they to accelerate.
  2. The final average for seventh grade shall be at least 90%.
  3. Request for permission to accelerate must be approved by parent, student, principal, school counselor and teacher.
  4. The Superintendent will make the final determination as to whether or not a student should be accelerated and notify the parents and student in writing of his/her decision.