The library is a place for quiet study and research. Homework not requiring the use of library materials should be done in study halls, leaving the library for those who do have need to use library materials.


 1. From study hall: You must have a pre-signed pass to be able to sign out of study hall after attendance has been taken by teacher. Sign in library, using full name and time of arrival. On returning to study hall, sign out of library giving time of departure.


 1. Sign-out sheets for lavatory use only are provided. Sign full name, time out and time returned. Sign-out one person at a time for four minutes only.

 2. Permission to leave the library for any other purpose must be obtained from the librarian and will be given only for a good reason.


1. No gum chewing is allowed.

2. Outside clothing (coats, jackets, etc.) are not normally needed in the library and should not be worn.

3. Working and talking together is not permitted.


Students check out books under the supervision of the librarian. Other materials must be checked out by librarian or aide in charge.