Ninth Period Utilization


Any student needing help overcoming weaknesses in basic areas of subject matters that they are expected to master, and could benefit from individual or small group assistance at this time.


Students who are not detained for disciplinary reasons are generally eligible to participate in

9th period activities.


  Teachers should use 9th periods as a time to be available to work with students who are

particularly talented or interested in doing work beyond the normal classroom setting.


 This takes precedence over any other student activity during the 9th period. Each teacher desiring to detain a student 9th period will be responsible for that student. There undoubtedly will be many reasons for detaining students but here are some of the suggested ones:

  1. Failure to complete required class work or homework.
  2. Chronically disturbing class/learning atmosphere.
  3. Chronically late for class.
  4. Student not performing or working up to the level of his scholastic ability.

9th period should also be used as a time for you and the teacher to meet in order to have a better under-standing, and foster respect between you and the teacher. Appropriate items of discussion might be:

  1. Role of the student.
  2. Role of the teacher.
  3. What is expected in the way of class conduct.
  4. Effect of the student’s actions on others
  5. What the teacher is attempting to accomplish in class.
  6. The student’s responsibility.
  7. The student’s future aspirations, plans, etc…
  8. Scheduling a parent conference.


 Students may be required to stay for Administrative Detention at this time. This detention is assigned according to the Discipline Policy. Reasons a student may be required to say include but are not limited to, late to school, and failure to stay for teacher detention.

  NOTE: Under no circumstance is a student to be loitering during 9th period. Students MUST have an assigned location or he/she must leave the school grounds.