School Dances

Permission to sponsor a dance may be granted by the principal upon submission of a written request from a recognized school organization provided that it will not conflict with a previously scheduled activity, and provided that proper behavior by students at previous dances justifies continuation of permission.

Students from other school districts will be admitted to Argyle dances only as a guest of an Argyle student and only if the Argyle student filled out the “Guest Authorization Release” form for that particular dance and is approved by the principal. The form must be completed and turned in to the main office no later than two school days before the dance. Guest list will close by noon of the day of the dance. Each Argyle student will be permitted one guest per dance. That guest will be the complete responsibility of the host student. A student and/or guest who leaves the building during a dance will not be allowed to re-enter the dance. No elementary students will be permitted to a dance.


 Chaperones: Two faculty members (1 male and 1 female other than the class Advisor), two sets of parents of members of the class or activity sponsoring the dance, and the faculty advisor requesting the dance must be present for the entire dance.

  1. Dance hours will be from 7:30-10:30 PM. Special permission must be received if any group desires to deviate from the regular hours.
  2. Students attending the dance will not be allowed upstairs and are not allowed to go past the bathrooms.
  3. Use, under the influence of, possession or sale of alcohol, drugs or tobacco is prohibited on school property.
  4. Everyone coming to the dance must park cars on the school grounds in the parking areas provided. Once having entered the dance, students must stay in the school building until they wish to leave the dance for the evening.
  5. People attending school dances are asked to refrain from public displays of affection. Students are prohibited from sitting on each others laps.
  6. The advise and directions of chaperones should be observed and respected by all who attend the dance. The chaperones are volunteering their time so that you can have a good time, therefore, they should be treated with courtesy and respect. Remember, without the cooperation of the chaperones, you cannot have a dance.
  7. Students should follow the school dress code for the dance.
  8. School dances will be for grades 7-12 with an invitational policy so that outsiders may be invited to school dances. Only guests enrolled in grades 7-12 will be able to attend.
  9. You may be stamped upon admission to the school. This is to show the door checkers and chaperones that you have been admitted.
  10. A formal request from the faculty advisor must first be approved by the Building Principal and finally by the School Superintendent to authorize students dances.
  11. The class officers and advisors should be thoroughly familiar with the regulations for use of the building and grounds. (Listed on the back side of the Building Application Forms.)
  12. Law enforcement officer will be required to act within their jurisdiction when necessary, and must be paid for by the organization sponsoring the dance.

The Building Principal reserves the right to review the guest list and remove anyone from the list. The privilege to bring guests to dances may be revoked by the Building Principal should problems arise.