Study Halls

The following procedures apply to all study halls, regardless of location:

  1. Each student will have an assigned seat for attendance purposes.
  2. Each student is to be in his/her assigned seat at the beginning of each period with suitable material to work on for the entire period.
  3. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period.
  4. Card playing, radios, IPods, MP3 players, cassettes or CD players, etc. will not be permitted.
  5. If a student has a pre-signed pass from a teacher, he may be permitted to sign out of study hall, on the date of the pass, for the purpose of obtaining extra help, or otherwise working with the teacher who signed the pass. EVEN THOUGH A STUDENT MAY HAVE A PASS FROM A TEACHER, HE MUST FIRST REPORT TO THE STUDY HALL AND REMAIN UNTIL THE ATTENDANCE-TAKING IS COMPLETED BEFORE SIGNING OUT FOR THAT PERIOD.
  6. After attendance has been taken, a student, with a pass, may be permitted to sign-out for the remainder of the period. The number of people permitted to go to the library is subject to limitations of available space in the library. The continuance of this privilege is contingent upon the proper behavior of the individual student in the halls, classrooms, and library as well as in the study hall.
  7. Students who sign-out to the library should remain the entire period unless they return with a pass. Students may be sent back to study hall for disciplinary reasons.
  8. All study halls are to be QUIET –WORKING study halls.
  9. Students are to do individual work. At the discretion of the supervisor permission MAY be granted for a short conference with another student to discuss an assignment.
  10. Common courtesy and reasonable behavior is expected at all times.
  11. Students who abuse study hall sign-out privileges will have those privileges withdrawn.